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12 Travel Gifts Travelers Will Love

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


If you have a solo traveler in your life, you may be wondering what the best gifts are for them. After all, they are constantly on the move and often don't have a lot of space or time to take care of things. Here are 12 travel gifts that any solo traveler would love and appreciate!


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Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Water Bottle


1. Travel Water Bottle

The greatest go-to gift for any solo traveler is a good, reliable travel water bottle. This collapsible travel water bottle is lightweight, leakproof, odorless, and made from BPA-free non-toxic silicone. This basically means it’s great for travel, helps save the environment by reducing the use of plastic, and won’t hold a mildewy smell after refilling. The squeezable bottle holds 750 ml of water and shrinks in size and weight as the water is consumed. This way, it easily packs down for transit and your traveling loved one never has to worry about dehydration when on the go.



    Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Portable Luggage Scale


    2. Portable Luggage Scale

    This luggage scale is an ideal gift for the solo traveler who likes to be prepared for everything. This small digital tool is easy to use and perfect for checking suitcase weight quickly before heading to the airport. With this handy scale, the last thing solo travelers will have to worry about when checking in for their flight is being over the weight limit.



      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Compression Packing Cubes


      3. Compression Packing Cubes

      These packing cubes are a lifesaver for any solo traveler! Compression packing cubes help organize clothing and maximize space in carryon bags and suitcases. They're perfect for packing everything from jeans to t-shirts to dresses and take up less space than if they were packed freely. They’re also great for staying organized even after arriving at the travel destination.


      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Pillow Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Blanket Towel


      4. Travel Pillow + Microfiber Blanket Towel

      A pillow and blanket combo is the perfect duo for the solo traveler who values comfort while on the go. A good travel pillow makes all the difference on a long flight or road trip. This neck pillow is compact and comes with its own travel bag for easy transport, free of hassle (and germs 😖). Additionally, it comes with a removable cover that you can throw into the washing machine, making it easy to clean in between travel. A proper nap isn’t complete without a comfy blanket. This travel blanket is essential for solo travelers and the perfect companion for a long bus ride or an unforeseen, stranded night at the airport. Conveniently, it also doubles as a quick-drying microfiber towel made from lightweight, absorbent, odor-resistant fabric that can be easily stored and transported. 


      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Toiletry Bag Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Bottles

      5. Toiletry Bag + Travel Bottles

      A toiletry bag with travel bottles is another two-for-one gift idea that is suitable for organized solo travelers. This water-resistant toiletry bag helps to keep everything in one place so travelers can easily pack and transport all their essentials to and from the bathroom. It has a sturdy carry handle for easy transport and a 360 swivel hanging hook for flexible storage. The refillable travel containers fit neatly inside this toiletry bag with its multiple transparent compartments and elastic straps to hold every item in place. The lightweight silicone assorted travel containers are TSA-approved and have a wide-mouth bottle design, making them easy to clean and refill. They also come with adjustable labels to easily identify what’s inside.



      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Scarf


      6. Travel Scarf

      A travel scarf is a great gift idea for the fashion-forward solo traveler. This lightweight infinity travel scarf is not only a stylish accessory that can help make a worn outfit look new, but it also has a conveniently hidden zipper pocket to safely stow away valuables, like cash or passports.



      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Power Bank Charger


      7. Power Bank Charger

      A power bank is a portable charger that helps keep phones, laptops, and cameras charged while on long journeys. This is an essential gift for the solo traveler who relies heavily on electronic devices while on the road (like digital nomads). This lightweight power bank charger comes with two USB ports, allowing solo travelers to be twice as efficient by charging more than one device at a time.



      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Adapter


      8. Travel Adapter

      This is a necessity for solo travelers who frequently take international trips. A universal power plug adapter will ensure that they can always charge their devices no matter where they are in the world. With socket types for more than 150 countries and the ability to charge up to 3 devices at one time, this universal travel adapter is certain to be a useful gift for any solo traveler.


      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Guides from The Wander Box

      9. Travel Guides from The Wander Box

      For solo travelers who like convenience, travel guides can be a lifesaver! Travel guides plan out each day, making it easier for solo travelers to make the most of their time while traveling. They also help to avoid tourist traps and find hidden gems off the beaten path. The travel guides at The Wander Box are great gifts for solo travelers because they eliminate the need to worry about planning every little detail or spending time researching destinations beforehand. The Wander Box travel guides are designed to match a solo traveler’s individual style when experiencing a destination, whether that’s through food, culture, adventure, history, relaxation, or a combination of all of the above! Every travel guide comes with a 7-day itinerary that covers everything from where to eat and drink, to what sights to see and activities to do. The itineraries are paired with a Google maps list of all the locations mentioned, plus additional tips and recommendations for the destination. No matter what motivates your globetrotting loved one to explore, you’re sure to find a gift that’s a perfect fit for them at!

      Bonus tip: If you're feeling really generous or want to make your gift extra special, you could also purchase tickets or make advanced reservations to some of the places listed in the travel guide. This added and thoughtful step will make trip planning a breeze for your wanderlust traveler and they won’t be able to thank you enough!


      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Insurance (Safety Wing)

      10. Safety Wing Insurance

      Travel insurance is another great gift idea for solo travelers and prioritizes safety for individuals abroad. Safety Wing travel insurance provides medical coverage to travelers outside of their home country in event of an emergency. They offer flexible plans and options in the length of coverage from 5 days to a whole year. And there’s no need to worry if your solo traveler has already taken flight. Travel insurance plans can be started at anytime online, even if they have already started traveling.



      Gift Ideas for Solo Travelers - Travel Book Bag (Lovevook)


      11. Lovevook Book Bag

      A good travel book bag is worth its weight in gold—literally. A well-made travel book bag will last for years and stand up to everything your solo traveler throws at it—and trust me, they'll throw plenty at it. The Lovevook book bag has thick padded straps for comfort, multiple pockets for organization, and a hidden zipper compartment for added security. It’s also sleek and stylish with its black nylon and gold accented design, and big enough to hold a 17-inch laptop but still small enough to fit under an airplane seat! This travel book bag will have your solo traveler’s heart full of gratitude the next time they’re in transit.



      12. Gift Cards for Uber and Airbnb

      These days, Uber and Airbnb are available in most countries around the world. This means your solo traveler can use either app almost anywhere they go. Whether they're taking a quick jaunt across town or exploring a new city, Uber gift cards are always appreciated. And with an Airbnb gift card, solo travelers can choose where they stay and how much they spend. This practical gift is a great way to help budget travelers save money on transportation no accommodation costs. Plus, you can load them up with as much or as little money as you want. So whether you want to give $10 or $100, it's entirely up to you.



      Gifts for Solo Travelers - Girl Standing Against Street Art Wall - The Wander Box

      Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas of gifts that solo travelers will love! If one thing is certain, it’s that all solo travelers appreciate a gift that will make their travel journeys easier and more enjoyable. With the gift ideas above, you’re sure to find something on this list that they'll love, use, and appreciate.


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