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Traveling Solo, Black, and Free in Colombia

Traveling Solo Black and Free - The Wander Box


Living My Best Life In Colombia: Featured on Love Crossing Borders

Love Crossing Borders is an intriguing and engaging podcast that captures the essence of love, adventure, and traveling. Hosted by the lovely duo, Andre and Andrea, this show is an epitome of the couple's fascinating love story that has crossed international, interracial, and intergenerational borders.

The couple's love journey is an inspiring one, and they have been sharing it with their audience through their YouTube channel, where they have gained a massive following. Their channel is an amalgamation of captivating content about all things love, advice, and tips for others thinking of traveling abroad. The couple is known for their unique perspectives on life, love, and travel, and they share their experiences with their audience in a way that's relatable, entertaining, and informative.


Traveling Solo Black and Free - The Wander Box

Admiring the views from Comuna 13 in Medellin, Colombia.


Through Love Crossing Borders, Andre and Andrea aim to inspire others to chase their dreams fearlessly and live life to the fullest. The podcast covers an array of topics, ranging from long-distance relationships to dealing with cultural differences, managing finances while traveling, and building a successful online business while on the move.

The hosts reached out to me to come on their channel and share my experience moving abroad and living as a solo black woman in Colombia. We discussed the challenges and triumphs of living in a foreign country as a solo black woman and the unique experiences that come with living in a country with different cultural and societal norms than the United States. We also got into the juicy stuff with topics around like what dating is like abroad, what it's like maintaining relationships while traveling, and why women seem to solo travel more than men. 

Overall, the opportunity to share my perspective on Love Crossing Borders was a rewarding experience. It allowed me the chance to connect with others, outside of my own following, and inspire others who may be considering traveling abroad or making a similar move.

Watch the full episode for valuable insight into what it's like to move abroad and live as a solo black woman in a foreign country, while also discussing some of the fun and exciting aspects of solo travel.


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