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How Do You Like To Travel?

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


Take a moment and imagine yourself traveling alone on vacation. You have the whole day to yourself and can do anything you want. Do you see yourself laid out on a beach, or museum hopping with a tour? Maybe you're doing something exciting and adventurous - like bungee jumping or hiking a volcano! If you’re anything like me, you like tasting the local cuisine and indulging in as many cultural food experiences as possible.

Travel style: the manner in which an individual likes to travel based on their personal likes and preferences.

We all have different ways we like to experience travel and these preferences influence the type of activities we like to do on vacation. Knowing your travel style can be a big help when planning your trip itinerary.


So, which travel style (or styles) fits you best? Keep reading and let’s find out…



Discover Your Solo Travel Style - Adventure Seeker - Shop The Wander Box


Adventure Seeker

A thrilling, spontaneous, heart thumping, adrenaline-filled time! If this sounds like the type of excitement you desire on vacation, then this is the travel style that describes you. Adventure is the goal and you enjoy outdoor excursions, water activities and doing things you could or would never do back home. You should aim to create an itinerary with activities like hiking, climbing, jumping, flying, and pretty much anything else that will keep you on your toes.



Discover Your Solo Travel Style - Culture Enthusiast - Shop The Wander Box

Photoshoot with the alpacas on top of Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

Cultural Enthusiast

This travel style describes the traveler that enjoys learning about the local culture and the people. For a Cultural Enthusiast traveler, this is the only way to truly get to know a place. If you align with this travel style, you likely enjoy activities that involve street art, notable museums, parades, festivals and other sensory activities related to dance, art, music, cooking, etc. Of course, your host and other local people you meet are the best sources for local recommendations but you can also get an idea of what types of cultural activities are most popular, and best for solo travelers, by searching on Airbnb Experiences.



Discover Your Solo Travel Style - Inquisitive Wanderer - Shop The Wander Box

Day tour of the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico.

Inquisitive Wanderer

This traveler is passionate about a destination’s history. Museums, historic sites, and storytelling experiences are top priorities on their travel itinerary. They enjoy opportunities to sightsee, learn, and explore new places. Whether it’s walking, biking, food-centric, or self-guided, tour activities are the way to win an Inquisitive Wanderer’s heart! Tours are also a great way to meet others who travel alone.


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Discover Your Solo Travel Style - Self Care Guru - Shop The Wander Box

Self Care Guru

Solo travel as a form of self-care. Self Care Gurus see travel as a means to treat themselves and they want to enjoy activities that look, feel, and taste GOOD. Their ideal itinerary includes spa and pampering activities, eating fresh local foods, and engaging in experiences that improve their wellbeing and relaxation. There are all sorts of self-care activities to choose from: yoga, exercise, meditation, and spiritual cleansing. Just be cautious not to jam too much in this itinerary; naps are just as essential as the trip itself.



Discover Your Solo Travel Style - Travel Foodie - Shop The Wander Box

Travel Foodie

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are top of mind for Travel Foodies. They love tasting new foods and learning more about a destination through its cultural cuisine. For these travelers, there is much more to food than just nourishment. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience! The ideal trip itinerary for this solo traveler has top-rated bars and highly recommended restaurants, local food tours and cooking classes (preferably ones that come with wine), and creative cocktail experiences. 



Discover Your Solo Travel Style - Combo Style - Shop The Wander Box
The Xochimilco experience in Mexico is one-of-a-kind with culture, food, history and more!


Since these travel styles aren’t exclusive, it's quite possible that you find you identify with more than one. There's nothing wrong with adding a little variety to your solo vacation. To make things easier, try focusing on only two or three travel styles when making your trip itinerary.



So what's your travel style?

Knowing your travel style helps decide which activities will make your solo travel most enjoyable, but even when you know what you want to do, there is still follow-up research and planning necessary to put everything together. The travel guides at The Wander Box are ready-made vacation itineraries curated for every travel style above. Inside each travel guide, there is a seven-day trip itinerary with suggestions for food, popular attractions, excursion activities, and more made to fit your personal travel style. There are also bonus recommendations for local spots, destination-specific travel tips, and a Google Maps list with pinned recommendations. Everything you need to enjoy your solo trip without all the hassle of travel planning!



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