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Top 8 Places to Visit During Your Solo Travel to Cartagena, Colombia

If you’re planning a solo trip to Cartagena, Colombia, be prepared for a trip of a lifetime. The city offers an array of exceptional and diverse experiences: everything from its bustling nightlife to tranquil moments by the white sand beaches.

With so much to see and so much to explore, it’s difficult to choose the spots to visit on your trip. Luckily, as a fellow solo traveller, I’ve got you covered. While I’ve tailored an itinerary for each type of traveller in my solo travel guide to Cartagena, Colombia, here are the 8 spots I’ve selected that anyone can appreciate during their stay.


Rosario Island
Warm sand, clear blue waters, and a stunning view of the mountains – if that sounds like the perfect spot for you, you must include a day trip to the Rosario Islands. For thrill-seeking travellers, you can kayak or participate in many water-sport activities. During your downtime, you can also enjoy the delicious local foods by the gorgeous sunset.  


Bomba Beach Club

A visit to Bomba Beach Club is the closest thing you’ll get to paradise on Earth. The beach club offers tropical huts, colour hammocks to relax on and delicious cocktails and food to enjoy. Not to mention, you can pamper yourself even more with their exclusive full-body massage.


Palacio de la Inquisición
If you’re a history junkie, you’ll want to make a stop at the Palacio de la Inquisition. The building has been around since 1610 and currently operates as a historical museum for travellers to experience. Besides learning about the long history of Cartagena, you can study the unique architecture of the building as well.


The Arsenal
The Arsenal’s exquisite food, drinks and welcoming service leave a lasting impression on every visitor. It’s the reason this restaurant has a perfect rating with over 1.5k reviews. During your solo travels to Cartagena, Colombia, you cannot skip out on this place.


Mercado de Bazutoro
If you’re exploring the authentic parts of Cartagena, take a trip to Mercado de Bazuroto. This day market is filled with the freshest fruits and produce. You’ll also have the pleasure of meeting the nicest locals and take a cooking class.


Bird Sanctuary
Just on the outskirts of the city, you can find an entire lush green bird sanctuary on Baru Island. You’ll find over 130 bird species and learn a lot about Colombia’s efforts to maintain its incredible biodiversity.


Plaza de la Trinidad
Known for its street food, nightlife, and fun entertainment, Plaza de la Trinidad exudes vibrancy and liveliness. Locals and visitors often come together to socialize and enjoy live entertainment.  


Mud Volcano
During your solo travels to Cartagena, Colombia, you have to experience the unique mud volcanoes. Slathering yourself in the deep mud volcano is what makes it so fun! As a bonus, the mud volcano also helps clear skin and treat joint inflammation.


In my solo travel guide to Cartagena, Colombia, I’ve organized a combo itinerary for the adventure seeker, the self-care guru, the inquisitive wanderer, and the cultural enthusiast. Each day is filled with the spots mentioned above and tons more. No matter what experience you’re looking for, check out my guide to make the most out of your solo travels!

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