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The Ultimate Resource for Solo Travelers

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It's decided. You've found the perfect destination for your solo trip and you can't even contain your excitement as you imagine what the experience will be like. So much freedom, so many possibilities! But your full-throttle excitement starts to dwindle as you realize just how many possibilities there actually are: Where will you stay? How will you get around? What will you do each day? Not to mention travel logistics like how much to budget and deciding what to pack!

All the "unknowns" start to feel overwhelming and you're wondering where to even begin with planning this trip. The amount of time and effort it can take to plan and prepare for a solo trip can be daunting. Fortunately, there's a handy resource called a travel guide that was made specifically with solo travel in mind.


What are travel guides?

Think of a travel guide as a pocket-size travel agent that's easy to access whenever you need it and costs you a fraction of the price. Travel guides save solo travelers time researching, stressing, and planning, so they can focus on experiencing a smooth and enjoyable solo trip.


The Ultimate Resource for Solo Travelers - Travel Guides from The Wander Box


Why use a travel guide when I can just plan the trip as I go?

Using travel guides from The Wander Box help to avoid:

  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed planning trip details.
  • Not having enough time to experience everything you want to do at your destination.
  • Wasting time trying to plan or navigate an itinerary on the fly.


Who are travel guides for?

Whether it's your first time traveling solo or your hundredth, the travel guides at The Wander Box provide everything solo travelers need to just pack their bags and go!


The Ultimate Resource for Solo Travelers - Travel Guides from The Wander Box


What's special about travel guides from The Wander Box?

The travel guides at The Wander Box offer seven-day itineraries with suggestions for restaurants, popular attractions, excursion activities, and other notable locations. They have travel tips specific to your destination and fun challenges to push yourself out of your comfort zone to make the most of your solo travel adventure. Every travel guide also includes a handy Google maps list of every recommended location, helping you navigate while keep everything in one, convenient place.

Travel is unique and every solo traveler's experience should be tailored to their travel preferences and style. At The Wander Box, the recommendations you'll find inside every travel guide are coordinated around how you like to travel. Whether you're an Adventure Seeker, Culture Enthusiast, Inquisitive Wanderer, Self Care Guru, Travel Foodie or a combination of any of the above, you're guaranteed to find a travel guide that's the right fit for you. Visit the blog for more information on the various travel styles.


The Ultimate Resource for Solo Travelers - Travel Guides from The Wander Box



How do I use the travel guide?

Step One: Pick a travel guide based on your travel style, destination, or both.

Step Two: Download and use your travel guide to organize your trip itinerary, align your budget, plan your outfits, and book activities in advance.

Step Three: Enjoy your solo trip - letting your travel guide lead the way!



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